Uniquely our Prime Breakthrough Programme facilitator is also a Spiritual Director, and we are able to offer the option of long term Spiritual Direction.

The role of a Spiritual Director is primarily for the assistance of people who are making a spiritual journey. Spiritual Direction is long term, helping people progress towards a richer, deeper, wider, truer vision of their relationship with the reality of the divine. In doing so the Spiritual Director seeks to use the gifts and grace he has been given, in a process that seeks to take the client forwards. He is a secure reference point to which the Client refers for guidance.

Working in the Anglican tradition, the role of our Spiritual Director is to accompany the seeker on their journey; to work with people as they relate to faith and their potential; in the context of their circumstances and choices.

The benefit of the NLP Master also being a Spiritual Director is that he can bring the experience of and insights of NLP to Spiritual Direction and be able to deeply assist you to go through layers; insecurity and trust, and to become free without being hurt.

You will learn to accept and be accepted, to be respected and valued, and thus freed to continue your personal journey. Whilst the guidance will be Christian, it will also draw on influences from Eastern and Western religious experience, together with the integration of personality gained from applied NLP; giving you the benefit of respect for you as a person and a genuine desire for your good.

Accordingly, meetings in the context of Spiritual Direction do not take the form of the intense concentration of the continuous four days of a Personal Breakthrough; meetings normally will be a half day once every six months. This allows the seeker time to explore and craft progress; giving space for the benefit of applying spiritual practices such as prayer or meditation between meetings to maximise progress.

Where the client is just starting to set out or is seeking a more immediate outcome, initial meetings may be more frequent than six monthly. This would normally be a short series of sessions before moving into the half yearly cycle.

Spiritual Direction sessions are priced to recognise the long term relationship of a Spiritual journey and are by individual quotation.