This is a week focussed on you. It requires your complete participation without distraction, so you should plan to keep your diary free. There will be preparatory work that must be completed prior to your Personal Breakthrough. This will be to assist in ascertaining your values and the issues in your life history, so that the entire programme can be designed for your needs, concerns and objectives. There may be additional work to be done between sessions that you will need to do to maximise the benefit of the following day.

In order to maintain focus without distraction the programme will be based at a convenient venue, typically a city centre hotel which provides suitable facilities. If you use the enquiry form we will provide you with a cost quotation.

Only available in Jersey we offer individual half day sessions. These are an alternative to the unique Personal Breakthrough intensive programme, and address individual issues on a case by case basis, according to what outcome you seek. The half day sessions are based on hourly rates, following an initial consultation.