Remove the barriers...

... and live in the Present.

Your Personal Breakthrough

The events in your life profoundly influence the way you feel. By changing the way you think, you can change the way you feel. Change the way you see the world and you can change the world you live in. When your life is governed by the cause of situations, rather than your reaction to those situations, you become in charge of your emotions and reactions. This allows you to choose to take the right attitude; enabling you to find benefits in all situations. You will hear people say, “You have changed,” and you will know it is true and you have become happier in yourself.

The Breakthrough process will enable you to identify what makes you truly happy and what you genuinely want to focus on. You will be empowered to take action so that your life becomes an enjoyable journey towards all the things that you want, and all that makes you truly happy.

The Benefits for You

The benefits from a Personal Breakthrough are astonishingly broad.

You only have one life

It is important that you have the energy to enjoy each day with a life that is in balance, where you know you are achieving your potential and are fulfilled by your circumstances and relationships.

All this is possible when you decide you are going to change. Prime Breakthrough is your personal programme to equip you to start to create your future.

Your Prime Breakthrough is a Personal Breakthrough taking you from where you are, removing the barriers and equipping you to be where you want to be.

Your Personal Breakthrough is an intensive four day programme on a one to one basis. It is designed to enable you to optimise the rest of your life.

The programme starts by eliciting your values and the way you look at the world; equipping you to question whether this is the way you wish to look at the world. Over the four days of your Breakthrough you become able to consider how your values are prioritised and if this is the way you want to continue to see the world. You will see what is important to you and for all you aspire for in order to most effectively develop your own personal future. During your programme your values can evolve and change beyond the scope of your previous aspirations.

In the early part of the Breakthrough evaluation, your issues will be addressed in order to free you. These are things which you may find troubling, including phobias and fears; likes and dislikes; habits and concepts of self esteem. This means that in the later part of the Breakthrough programme you will be able to look beyond these concerns towards the higher objectives you have always dreamed of; but previously thought were beyond your attainment. Your Personal Breakthrough will make those dreams, and therefore your true life attainable.

Your Participation

This programme requires a commitment from you. Before the programme starts, you will be provided with questionnaires and preparatory work. This has to be completed and returned ten days prior to the commencement of your Personal Breakthrough. The preparatory work and completed questionnaires will be used to shape the initial stages of your Personal Breakthrough, enabling the programme to be designed and tailored specifically to suit you.

The Personal Breakthrough programme runs for four consecutive days and will give you a complete one to one evolution of up to four or five hours each day. The outcomes of the day may additionally require you to undertake homework in preparation for the next session. The changes you can make in your life are dependent on your commitment to the process of your individually tailored programme. If you do not do the preparatory work the programme will be cancelled and half the fee will be returned to you. The programme facilitator is enabling you to make the change and if you do not fully commit to it, you are wasting your own time. Full commitment is for your benefit. Full commitment for a few days of your life in order to fully own the rest of your life.

A Positive Outcome

The outcomes from your Personal Breakthrough will be appropriate and specific to what you discover about yourself and your higher aspirations during the process. You will be clear about what you really want for yourself. The programme will equip you to think for yourself; be able to balance your short-term and long-term interests and accept self responsibility.

Essentially you will become enlightened as to your self interest and able to develop vital focus on the things that genuinely interest you, developing them with realistic expectations. This combination results in a changed person. You will be a person who likes their self. The commitment is serious and you start by asking yourself do I want to be changed? You do, and taking this Personal Breakthrough Programme becomes the best thing you have ever done.

Owning your life – Individual Sessions in Jersey

Available only in Jersey and as an alternative to the unique Personal Breakthrough intensive programme, we can offer individually tailored sessions. These use specific elements of the Prime Breakthrough Programme according to what outcome you seek. Through one off sessions or a longer term programme there is no limit to what you can achieve, from the resolving of a phobia to making a complete life change. These sessions are priced according to the need to be addressed following an initial consultation.

Facilitator and Spiritual Director

Uniquely our Prime Breakthrough Programme facilitator is also a Spiritual Director, and we are able to offer the option of long term Spiritual Direction.

The role of a Spiritual Director is primarily for the assistance of people who are making a spiritual journey. Spiritual Direction is long term, helping people progress towards a richer, deeper, wider, truer vision of their relationship with the reality of the divine. In doing so the Spiritual Director seeks to use the gifts and grace he has been given, in a process that seeks to take the client forwards.