Unlocking Resources for Growth, Development and Continuity

We specialise in Corporate Breakthrough Programmes for Family Businesses. Drawing upon a wealth of business experience we have put together four corporate Programmes designed to unlock resources for growth, development and continuity. Each programme will be typically undertaken by the delegates over a minimum of four consecutive days.

All four corporate programmes include a pre-programme diagnostic consultation prior to any engagement contract being entered into.

The Four Corporate Programmes

1. Moving Forward Together - Optimising the Corporate Team

2. Business Family Continuation - Defining Shared Goals and Establishing a Constitution

3. Succession Planning for the Family Business - Successfully transferring Family Business to the next Generation

4. Transforming the Family Firm - Introducing Outsiders into the Family Firm


Following the pre-programme diagnostic consultation, we will provide you with a contract outlining the Programme. The intention of the Programme will be for the business and its members to achieve a breakthrough that will give a new perspective to the future of the firm by allowing the Principals to have a clear vision, mission and shared understanding of their objectives.

Each of the four programmes involves a minimum of four consecutive days. They also require mandatory preparatory work to be undertaken prior the start of the programme and work to be undertaken during the course of the programme. This enables all participants to gain maximum benefit from this intensive course; achieving a genuine breakthrough into a higher level of understanding and shared vision.

It is an absolute requirement that all participants should undertake the pre-course work that will be provided. If the participants fail to do so, the course will be cancelled and 50% of the course fee will be refunded in accordance with the cancellation policy of the Terms of Business. Whilst this may sound uncompromising, it is essential as unless each of the participants is committed to being part of a process, the breakthrough for them and the other participants as a group will be less than their full potential could achieve. We are only interested in optimal achievement and our dedication over the four days will be for that purpose alone.